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Clan News and Info.

Starting of Greenleaf
forecast will be sunny

all day, perfect for

relaxing and playing

Leader: Forgottenstar-9 lives

Deputy: Hollyleap

Medicine cat:
Mc apprentice:

Leader: Emberstar- 9 lives
Medicine cat:Petalbreeze
Mc apprentice:

Leader: Shimmerstar-9 lives
Medicine cat: Ravenberry
Mc apprentice
: Icepaw

Leader: Stormstar-9 lives
Deputy: Featherflame
Medicine cat:
Mc apprentice

Leader: Fallenstar- 9 lives
Medicine cat:Honeybloom
Mc apprentice:

Leaders:Nightstar- 9 lives, --
Deputies: Dawnfall, --
Medicine cat: --, --
Mc apprentice
: --, --

Leaders:Quietstar-9 lives, --
Deputies: --, --
Medicine cat: Sunspirit
, --
Mc apprentice
: --, --


Leaders: --, Froststar-9 lives
, --

Deputies: Fallfire - First, --
Medicine cat: --, --
Mc apprentice
: --


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 Sunspirit of SunsetClan~ Med cat

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PostSubject: Sunspirit of SunsetClan~ Med cat   Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:13 am

Name: Sunspirit
Gender: She-cat
Age: 19 moons
Sunspirit is a golden tabby cat with amber eyes. Her muzzle is white and she has white paws. Her nose is a bright pink and the lining around her eyes is white
Personality: Sunspirit is always calm. She keeps her peace with StarClan in control. When every cat is panicking, she reassures them everything will be fine. She is nice and if anyone says something mean to her, she says nothing back.
Skills: Since she is a medicine cat, Sunspirit is good at using the herbs correctly. She can find herbs pretty will and is great at climbing. She is horrible at fighting and hunting.
History: Sunspirit was born to Greyheart and Adderear. They treated her horribly. When she became an apperentice, they saw how bad she hunted and fought, and were ashamed of their daughter. The medicine cat needed a new apperentice. Sunspirit found that she was good at collecting herbs soon. Then the medicine cat taught her how to use it. Sunspirit's parents wanted her to go into battle, or lead the hunting patrols, but no. They left the clan one day before the medicine cat retired. Then, Sunspirit was named a medicine cat.
Family: Mother: Greyheart (Out of the clan) Father: Adderear (Out of the clan)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >^.^<

LostClan: Hollyleap (D)
WildClan: Emberstar (L)
DarkClan: Rubyshine? (W)
RainClan: Midnightmist (W) Snowstep (MC)
SunsetClan: Sunspirit (MC)
ShiverClan: Froststar (L 2)

*Meheheh ~ Moon*

*Falter appears* Where am I? XD

~Signed! -Spottedleaf Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Sunspirit of SunsetClan~ Med cat   Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:24 am

And that's a sad story

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >^.^<

Dawnfrost: I gotta go to the Boneyard
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: Outside of Attowha
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: Through a Tunnel
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: In Shakhrami maze
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: In the Taghongi
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: Teleport Mea
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: In my Whitemage spells!
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: In my Menu
Nightool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: In the game
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: On my computer
Nightpool: Where's that?
Dawnfrost: Seriously!!!.......
Dawnfrost: In the the freaking Milky way!!!
Nightpool: Where's that?....
(me and my sister I swear XD)

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Sunspirit of SunsetClan~ Med cat
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