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[IMPORTANT] Lost Warrior Clans News: 1: There are enough admins for the moment, but we could use more moderators! Just be responsible and we'll notice. 2: The site might be merged with http://warriorcatsforever.forumvi.com so keep your eyes open for any announcements! To any admins seeing this: Someone create an admin only topic so we can do that in peace. 3: Faltercloud, and admin here, will be changing the looks here and there so don't freak out if you refresh the page and there's a sudden change. If you have any suggestions for looks or if something bothers you, we could always use feedback! ~The LWC admins.

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In A Snow Castle. My name's Icefang, watcha think?
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Do you REALLY wanna know? -LET IT GO!!!-
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Uhh... Whats this do?
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